English version – Italian Association of Health Integrity

Italian Association of Health Integrity

In January 2019 in Italy a new reality was established dealing with health integrit, called “Italian Association of Health Integrity” (in brief AIIS).

The health sector is a sector at risk of corruption due to its complexity and for a number of other reasons. It is one of the main economic areas of our society, for the number of employees, for the variety of professional profiles, for the volumes of activity, for the huge use of public resources, for the presence of information asymmetries and conflicts of interest, due to the importance of innovation and research for patient care.

The topics covered by AIIS are those related to the prevention of corruption, transparency, internal audit and control systems, risk assessment and in general the ethics and integrity promotion in the health world. AIIS want to make preventing strategies more effective, reducing the presence of bureaucracy.

AIIS was born as a natural consequence of five years of collaboration within an informal network of italian health sector anti-corruption managers. It operates against corruption and criminal infiltration in the health and social system and promote the spreading of knowledge and experience through the identification of best practices, also through comparison with other international realities.

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